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Category: Higest grade of Green tea in Japan
Country: Japan
Description: There are many different types of Japanese Green tea on the market, Such as  sen-cha, kabuse-cha and traditional hon-gyokuro.  hon-gyokuro from Fukuoka is especially renowned throughout the nation for its high quality, always ranking high in national tea contests. The rich inviting aroma of this slow toasted green tea is hard to resist. The tea's smooth, full flavor goes well with food. It's also a nice, lower-caffeine coffee substitute, especially in the afternoon.
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  50g (1.76oz) -  $C21.00

100g (3.52oz) - $C42.00
               -10%  $C37.80
  Temperature of water : 70- 75 C
  Times  : 5-8 minutes.          
  Quantities: 2 to 5g for one tea cup.
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