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  Most of Japanese teas are green tea. Gyokuro is the best of Japan green teas. To produce high-quality Gyokuro tea the bushes must be kept under 90 percent shade from the beginning of May for about 20 days. As soon as the new buds begin to form, the entire plantation given over to the production of Gyokuro, is covered with mats of bamboo, reed, or canvas. The reduced light means that the tiny leaves develop a higher chlorophyll content (making the leaves a darker green than normal) and a lower tannin content (giving the tea a sweeter,milder flavour). The leaves are then steamed to stop fermentation.Sencha is Japan's most popular everyday drink. Various qualities with only the best being saved for special occasions. Only the finest Sencha is plucked by hand. such as Tenryu sencha, Organic Japanese Sencha etc...., Sencha is steamed immediately after picking to stop fermentation.
Our Japanese Green tea are verified, tasted and imported by our company. that is the main reason why our customers always get the best and fresh quality of green tea in our store.  aussi we are the only one tea store , our organic Japanese green tea are certified by the NOP (U.S. National Organic Program) and OCIA (International organic certification).



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