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Imperial Pu-Erh
Category: Black Tea      Country: China
Description: Imperial Pu-erh is named after the region where it was first harvested. There is a small town in the Yunnan province called Pu-erh, and trade in this type of tea was very heavy there. They harvest the tea from a broad-leaved variety of tea, that is  supposedly a very ancient strain of tea. Drinking Pu-erh tea can help reduce cholesterol, according to scientific studies. By helping digestion (particularly of fatty foods), Pu-erh is the perfect tea after a heavy meal.

Pu-erh tea is traditionally made with leaves from old wild tea trees of a variety known as "broad leaf tea", which is found in southwest China Yunnan. Pu-erh is well known for mellower flavour characteristics.This tea has an effect against the indigestion, the excess of weight, and a too high cholesterol level.
Here is the six famous tea mountains for pu-erh tea leaf.
1. Mengsong Shān (勐宋山):
2. Menghai Shān (勐海山):
3. Jingmai Shān (景迈山):
4. Nánnuò Shān (南糯山): a varietal of tea grows here called zĭjuān (紫娟, literally "purple lady") whose buds and bud leaves have a purple hue.
5. Bada Shān (巴达山):
6. Yōulè Shān (攸乐山):




  50g (1.76oz) - $8.00

  100g (3.52oz) - $15.00
  Temperature of water : 80- 90 C
  Times  : 3-5 minutes.          
  Quantities: 2 to 5g for one tea cup.
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