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Dai Hong Pao (  Big Red Robe )
Category: Oolong Tea       Country: China
Description:  Dai Hong Pao is a very impor-tant Wuyi Oolong whose name comes from the fact it helped cure an owner of a Large Red Robe which was hanged on the bush, hence earning it the name. Originally there were four bushes growing on a rock on Mount Wuyi, two of which still survive today and are harvested for a few kilograms each year. This original and real Da Hong Pao can fetch tens of thou-sands of dollars per kilogram but people have taken cuttings and cultivated  genera-tions of Da Hong Pao plants which provide a more affordable Da Hong Pao that you are likely to find in many places.

Spring tea 2008    


  50g (1.76oz) - $C11.00
100g (3.52oz) - $C20.00
              - 20%    $C16.00

  Temperature of water : 80-95 C
  Times  : 3-5 minutes.          
  Quantities: 2 to 5g for one tea cup.
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