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Tiquanyin Premium (tiquanyin Wang )

(Iron Goddess of Mercy)

Category: Oolong Tea       Country: China
Description:  Tiguanyin  wang  mean  "tiguanquin king ", is a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea associated from Fujian province.  it has also been translated as "Iron Goddess of Mercy".Tiquanyin is considere one of the four best oolong tea in the world. Wang means King in chinese. in another meaning, it is the top quality of tiquanyin.  The leaves of this shrub produced a particularly fragrant brew and the peasant became rich by cultivating and selling his "Iron Guanyin" tea.


 50g (1.76oz) -  $16.00

100g (3.52oz) - $C32.00
              - 20%    $C25.60



  Temperature of water : 80-95 C      
  Times  : 3-5 minutes.
  Quantities: 2 to 5g for one tea cup.

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