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  Tea Pu-erh or Puer (Chinese:普洱茶 ) is fermented tea from the region Yunnan of China. Pu Erh  is Unliked other kind of  teas that should be consumed shortly after production, pu-erh can be stored up to 50 years, more getting age more the flavor becomes interesting. pu-erh can be drunk immediately or aged for many years; pu-erh teas are often classified by year and region of production much like wine vintages.
Pu-erh tea can be purchased as either raw/green (sheng) or ripened/cooked (shou), depending on processing method or aging. Sheng pu-erh can be roughly classified on the tea oxidation scale as a green tea, and the shou or aged-green variants as fermented tea.
Some medical studies show that the pu-erh helps reduce the level of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids and may help weight loss



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